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  • It seems that when a band says that they will show a big evolution and experimentation in the new album means that they are going soft (there are million of examples of this rule) none the less I went to buy the new Cradle of Filth Album which I heard had the two fatal words Evolution and Experimentation. Well after hearing the album several times I have to say that YES THE BAND SHOWS A BIG EVOLUTION AND IMPROVEMENT AND YES THERE IS A LOT OF EXPERIMENTATION IN THE SOUND (Mustly off beats and female choruses). BUUUUTTTTT…. the band didn’t go soft at all more like they polished their great style (which I already loved before) and made for sure one of the best albums to come. This album is amazingly good. I cant stop listening to it and everytime I Love it more, Dani’s Voice has reach perfection as well the guitars and drums have improved so much without forgetting the beautiful harmonies of the keyboards. In resume this album is a Must CRadle of Filth just made a classic. Midian doesn’t have a bad song, is absolutly perfect. This proves to all the other bands that Evolution and experimentation are not sinonimus of radio friendly. MIdian deserves in every way the biggest rating.

    Posted on February 13, 2010