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  • This goes out to all the one-star reveiwers: Please, please, please get that rod out of your a**. So what if this CD isn’t “true” black metal? What is the definition of true black metal, anyway? What is the definition of good music? Everyone has a slightly different taste, and in my opinion these guys are VERY talented. What you may think is good music is dribble to the next person. This album may not be true black metal according to you music snobs out there, but who really cares? It’s just plain GOOD, even great. Just once try listening to the album without being close-minded and stubborn, stuck on your definition of what real music is or isn’t.

    As for the actual review, five stars all the way, almost perfect. Haunting, evil, scary, all that good stuff. After a year it still gives me an Out of Body Experience. Atmosphereic, dark, beautiful(though some songs get quite nasty, but that’s not a bad thing) basically all the stuff you’ve already heard from the other five-star reviewers. The only way you shouldn’t get this album is if you’re someone that doesn’t like this kind of music(which questions why you’re here anyway), religious, or if you’re someone like those one-star reviewers that suffer from the buttrod disease.

    Posted on February 13, 2010