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  • Perhaps the band with the only big claim to fame being that George Fisher(now of Cannibal Corpse) did vocals for them for two records. Why Monstrosity couldn’t make anything between the early 1992 “Imperial Doom” record on Nuclear Blast and this effort on an even smaller label four years later will be an underground mystery for Death Metal fans to ponder for the ages. With no product to speak of between these years, Monstrosity could not get a lot of coverage for this fresh effort. Also, by the time 1996 rolled around tastes in metal were changing and Black Metal bands from the Nordic lands began garnering most of the attention in the metal community.

    Upon moving from the Ft. Lauderdale area to be in the Tampa Bay area, Monstrosity did lose the guitar stylings of Jon Rubin who would go on to stick with Malevolent Creation. Kelly Conlon, Jason Morgan and Lee Harrison then filled out the rest of the band. The opening track to this effort entitled “Fatal Millenium” is absolutely phenomenal. Imagine the most perfect combination of the best elements of Morbid Angel, Suffocation, Atheist and Death all rolled into one. The rest of the album doesn’t let the listener down and showcases a band displaying a slightly more technical/progressive side to their excellent musicianship with on the dime cuts, start-stop-different-tempo/time-changes, inventive drumming and some bass guitar playing that might make even Steve DiGiorgio himself turn his head. Legendary producer Scott Burns ties the entire product together for an absolutely enjoyable Death Metal listening experience.

    Maybe if this had been released a year or two earlier, the Monstrosity story would be more prominent in the broader Florida Death Metal (and indeed worldwide!) story. Nevertheless you have a slab of original Death Metal with the highest regard for superior musicianship and vision that Monstrosity’s lesser, younger peers that are around today would kill for.

    Posted on December 20, 2009