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Mind Tricks

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  • i thought there last cd was good, but not great, like one of the other reviews i like a lot of strids work, not to sure about coldseed, but that’s another cd. let’s talk about this cd.

    yes they are going to sound a little like soilwork with strid at the helm, but they bring there own flavor to the table,
    they play heavier and faster then soilwork has been playing in years, and because of that i love it, i like stabbing the drama it, it’s way better then figure number 5, but this cd to me harkens back to classic soilwork day, chainheart machine( some serious fast shredding and thrashing), predators potrait(the clean harmonizing vocal stuff which DM uses but not to much of like latter day soilwork) and a little of natural born chaos( this cd is kinda atmospheric in parts not much but enough to make me mention NBC and i like that part to).
    i’m partial to Chainheart and Natural Born Chaos and this cd is right down that alley, this was a nice surprise the cd, the year is only half way over, but this cd has a good chance of staying in my top 10. the energy dispayed on the cd is amazing, the musicianship is second to none, you cannot and will not go wrong with this cd. this cd and Mygrains’s ORBITAL DANCE are my favorite two cd’s at the moment, mygrain plays in this same vein so if you like this cd, you need to seriously check out ORBITAL DANCE, trust me.

    Posted on December 26, 2009