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  • I went to a different web site and the reviewers hated this album. The main complaint was that the choruses were too “sing along”. Come on, insn’t this what melodeath is all about?

    This album builds on fragments of degeneration and expands the sound. I listened to this album about 10 times in two days, it is that amazing. The mix is much improved on the previous album which is by itself a very impressive sophomore effort compared to nebularium.

    Another complaint is that the lead guitar parts dissapeared. I disagree. Compared with fragments the leads seem similarly structured. The guitarrist (who sings, produces, plays bass, keyboard, and the drums) seems like an incarnation of early Vivian campbell in that he plays fast, but uses a lot of string bending to impart feeling to the soloing. He is fast but he does not abuse of the speed like other guitarrists.

    The songs are very well crafted, like a puzzle, where every layer fits seamlesly. It is a beautiful (it is death metal after all). The way that keyboards are used never detracts to the music and adds a third dimension that honestly I never experienced in any recording before (well the same as fragments of degeneration). Graveworm and in flames: please take note of how to use the keyboards in death metal please.

    I draw comparisons of this album to the style that scar symmetry is playing, a more accesible death metal that is not 100 mph all the time. It is like a painter that paints different vistas in a single painting.

    Posted on December 27, 2009