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Minutes to Midnight

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  • Just got my copy on iTunes and I’m disappointed for the most part.

    I loved every second of Hybrid Theory and Meteora. I loved the heavy guitar riffs, the mix of rap + rock. This album lacks the heavyness that characterized its predecessors. Most of the tracks are soft. Gone is the Points of Authority style headbanging except maybe that guitar solo part of What I’ve Done. I’m not even talking the peaceful serenity of the Easier to Run or In the End intro segments. This is way softer than all that. If you remember jumping up and down to the LP songs of the old days, use these to put you to sleep at night.

    What I’ve Done is probably the only track in the album that still sounds like the old LP. It’s got that old feel that distinguished LP from any other rock band. Some other tracks show promise and hints of the old style that endeared LP to the masses of us that rushed to get Meteora, like the intro track (Wake), Bleed it Out, No More Sorrow. In Pieces is an OK track in light of the band’s past work. Valentines Day has a decent heavier part near the end but is still quite light and soft overall. But if they did write 50 songs for this album, I wonder how the other 40 or so were like.

    I’m still a big fan of LP and will continue to be, but I must admit that their intent to sound different did not produce good results. I hope with the next release they can go back to the old days. I feel kinda bad saying this, but unless you liked “What I’ve Done”, you probably should wait for the next release.

    Interpret my 3 star any way you like. The only reason it’s a 3 star to me is I can’t decide how low to go. Also, I figure that like one or two tracks I deemed unworthy on the predecessors, some of these tracks seem like they could just as well grow on me.

    For the meantime, check out End of Silence by RED if you haven’t already. The blend of the entire band creates a similar style to LP as we know it without the rapping.

    Posted on January 25, 2010