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Minutes to Midnight

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  • I’ve owned every Linkin Park album ever made, including a couple of their LP fan club send outs. I was always at the store ready to buy it on launch day after discovering their first CD. This time was no different. I bought the CD/Video set and soon realized that I should have just downloaded a song here or there off Itunes.

    When I opened the insert, the first page had a paragraph talking about the growth of the band and how each one stretched beyond what they were used to. I thought this could lead to some pleasant new sounds but once again, I was dissapointed.

    The first song if you can call it that was nothing special. I would have preferred it to be a Mr. Hahn creation as some of the previous CD’s have contained. He makes brilliant compositions and really has material that fits an ending track. Never should a 1 minute intro be considered a song so this CD has 11 true tracks.

    The second song. Well its aggresive and heavy Chester vocals. I’ve always respected Linkin Park for not throwing in swearing on their tracks. For the most part Linkin Park managed to get their point across with clean language. I’m not against swearing, it does not offend me but I respected them for making a quote once that they felt it was not necessary in music. Well they threw that out the window with this song throwing the f word in all throughout. Again, I’m not offended by this, just dissapointed they felt they had to take this route.

    The rest of the songs until minutes to midnight can be called fillers. They probably will never make the radio or become hit singles. As others have mentioned there are ballads and there is one Mike Shinoda rap. What it seems they have done is almost tried to fuse Fort Minor with Linkin Park. This whole album sounded like something Fort Minor could produce and I think Mike Shinoda has a large role in that. My fiance had commented how much she likes the new album because it sounded like EMO. That’s when I really became disgusted with the CD. This whole growth thing and trying new sounds was a huge mistake. It’s possible to grow without completely changing musical styles.

    Minutes to Midnight is good and probably the only single that will be a hit. It’s the closest to the old Linkin Park that the listener will ever encounter. It shows that somewhere, the band still has its old sound. After that, its once again more fillers.

    The last track is nice. It’s not true Linkin Park sound, but it does have a nice catch to it and the harmonization is well done.

    In the end, I call this CD a huge bust. They claim they had over 100 songs to choose from. I say find some of those 100 that sound like the old Linkin Park and put them into a new CD quick. They really risk losing their core fan base on this CD unless they can get back to the sound they used to play with. The first CD was some of the best music they have put out and it created their first fans. Artists seem to think they need to tinker and toy with everything as they go. I don’t understand why something that works needs to be changed.

    If your a hardcore fan, buy the CD simply to support Linkin Park in hopes they will create something better. Otherwise, find some tracks you like and download them.

    Posted on January 26, 2010