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Mirroring Shadow

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If you are into fast and aggressive metal with an authentic and pure vibe The Mirroring Shadow will blow you away. MISERATION take no prisoners by combining the best elements of brutal, technical death metal ala SUFFOCATION, HATE ETERNAL and PSYCROPTIC while paying homage to Scandinavian death metal in the vein of BLOODBATH and old ENTOMBED. Former SCAR SYMMETRY vocalist Christian Älvestam and guitarist Jani Stefanovic (ESSENCE OF SORROW / THE WEAKENING), who started the band together, have the experience and abilities to create a harsh, uncompromising style of metal people will undoubtedly notice.Following their critically acclaimed 2008 debut album Your Demons, Their Angels , MISERATION are more focused on the brutal side of death metal. There are still strong hook-lines and a lot of melodic riffs, but The Mirroring Shadow is driven by a vicious and extreme attitude and untamed aggression. This is the sound Sweden became known for in the early 90 s and MISERATION fully know about their responsibilities in upholding the true nature of that sound. MISERATION s second album proves that they have the foresight for creating new and brutal metal while being aware of metal s fine traditions at the same time. This is not only what contemporary death metal should sound like but the future of death metal in total.

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  • Miseration is back with a brand new album with an ironic title. It is ironic that the title is so straightforward, because that doesn’t seem to be Christian Alvestam’s style. The title is straightforward because invariably, all shadows mirror the object that is making them. The object in this case is Alvestam’s full-on death metal project, Miseration.

    These guys were originally a joint project with Alvestam of Scar Symmetry fame and Jani Stefanovic of Solution .45 (among others).

    So exactly what style of metal does this band play then? It isn’t that almost overdone to the point of being burdensome melodeath. It is purely death metal with melodic underpinnings. What you hear is certainly death metal, but it is backed with subtle synths and keyboards to add just the right touch of atmosphere to the music. This is not Scar Symmetry reincarnated. Alvestam doesn’t utter a single note of clean vocals and the beats are very fast and rythmic.

    Being from Sweden, they don’t share much in common with the New York or Tampa Bay style of death metal, either. The members of this band are amazing musicians and this album shows off thier skills stunningly.

    This album is brutal and very quick. It relently smashes you until it is over only some 36 minutes after it began. After being throughly pummelled, one finds oneself beckoned to give it another go. If you like technical musicianship and harsh death metal, give this band a listen. In the underground music scene, they are underrated. I’ll give The Mirroring Shadow a sparkling 4.8/5 stars, even picking up a tenth or two for the astonishing cover art!

    Posted on November 24, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This is my first Miseration album (though since buying it a few days ago, I went back and bought their 1st album, Your Demons-Thier Angels). The members of Miseration have been around the music scene in various bands over the years, and it shows. Chugging along like a well-oiled machine from the second the first track begins, you could believe that Miseration has been playing melodic death metal since its inception. ‘Dreamdecipher’ is the opening track and, from the blast-beat laden opening through the blast-beat laden end, Miseration pummels the listener with speed and technicality while not losing the melody that gives the genre its name. ‘Voyaging the Seas of Thought’ is another standout track, though that is not to say that the other tracks aren’t remarkable. There isn’t a bad second on this album. If you want comparisons, I would say that The Mirroring Shadow fits quite nicely in between Bloodbath and This Ending. My only complaint is that since the album was just released, Miseration won’t be putting out a third album for at least a year. Get it! You won’t be disappointed.

    Posted on November 24, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now