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Molly Hatchet - Greatest Hits [Expanded]

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  • You’re in for a big surprise when you listen to Molly Hatchet’s “Greatest Hits.” Tired of waiting on the local classic rock station to play more than just “Flirtin’ With Disaster,” I broke down and bought this disc to see what Molly Hatchet was all about. Having grown up in the South my entire life, I’ve always been exposed to great Southern Rock bands like Skynyrd, the polished .38 Special, the Allman Brothers, and later acts like the Black Crowes, but Hatchet always seemed to fall between the cracks with me. This album has made me a Hatchet fan for life with blistering rockers like “Beatin’ The Odds” and “Bloody Reunion.” It also has what is quite possibly my new favorite Southern Rock tune, “Gator Country.” You’ll hear other greats like “Whiskey Man,” “Satisfied Man” and “Dreams I’ll Never See.”

    Molly Hatchet is definitely one of the heaviest Southern Rock bands out there. Unfortunately they don’t seem to garner the respect nor the attention that they deserve. If you love Southern Rock, definitely buy this album. It’s made me hungry for more Hatchet, and I’ll be buying the rest of their albums very soon.

    Posted on March 3, 2010