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Moment of Glory

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  • You don’t have to be a die-hard Scorps fan to love this one. This CD does such a great job of blending hard/melodic rock with sometimes subtle and sometimes bombastic orchestral arrangements. I usually enjoy orchestra covers of rock bands but really relish the mix of actual band members and the orchestra itself. To hear the orchestra backing up the sweet vocals of Klaus Meine and the guitar licks of Herr Schenker and Jabs is fantastic. At first I was dissapointed hearing new guest voices on “Send Me an Angel” and “Big City Nights”, but after repeated listenings the vocals actually added to the song.The orchestra ends up sharing the limelight with Scorpions by taking a backseat on some songs by adding just the right texture and accompaniment (Send Me An Angel, Big City Nights) while leading the charge in full splendor on others (Crossfire, Deadly Sting Suite, Still Loving You). The orchestra arrangements are flawless adding just the right touch of melody and harmony in all the right places. I get chills every time I listen to the two instrumentals (Crosssfire and Deadly Sting). It’s like listening to a blend of classical, action movie soundtrack, and heavy metal rock music all rolled into one. Cudos to conductor. “Lady Starlight” is another classic song that is taken to new hights with the back-up of the old Harmoniker. In fact every song has that little something that sets it apart and develops cravings in you to hear it again and again. I could go through each and every song and point out the highlights of each (new vocals, duets, guitar solos etc.) but I am limited to 1000 words. Sufficed to say I loved this CD and the only regret I have is that there were only 10 songs. It also developed a desire to hear every Scorpions song covered in such a way.P.S. I played this CD to a group of people with diverse tastes in music ( most of them never agree with me on my musical choices) and everyone was blown away by the tracks. They all asked for the details so they could run out and purchase it.

    Posted on January 4, 2010