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Moment of Glory

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  • I first heard this CD two weeks ago while I was riding from Aspen to Denver. The driver of my car put in the CD and said,”What to do think of this?” I was so excited by this CD. I’ve been a Scorpions fan since the 80’s and also love classical music. What excited me about this CD is that both the heavy metal and classical elements are equally showcased. They compliment each other perfectly. I must praise the arranger who was able to meld these two musical worlds so perfectly. I also appreciated hearing another vocalist singing classic Scorpions songs. It added another dimension. I bought the Metallica CD after hearing this one and felt quite let down. It did not have the balance and energy of the Scorpion CD. The violins at the beginning of “Hurricane 2000″ sent shivers down my back. Another highlight is the perfect pitch display by Klaus and the female singer (who seems not to be credited? Correct me if I’m wrong) in “Here in My Heart.” And the violin addition in “Still Loving You” is perfectly dramatic…it matches the tone of this song. Each time I listen to this CD, I find something new to hear. It’s been a long time since I could say that about a CD.

    Posted on January 4, 2010