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Monsters & Robots

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  • While Colma may have shown the best of Bucket’s softer side, Monsters and Robots takes the cake for Buckethead’s electric work. And what an album it is. Allow me to take a song-by-song review:

    1.) Jump Man- Great song, an effervescent opener that reall gets the blood flowing. Bootsy cracks me up on this track, and all of Buckethead’s trademark shredding is in place. 5/5

    2.) Stick Pit- Awesome follow-up to Jump Man, Stick Pit continues the shredfest with its high-pitched sampling and non-stop guitar. 5/5

    3.) The Ballad Of Buckethead- The “single” from the album, this is really more of a Les Claypool song. Whereas Les sits off to the side on most tracks such as Stick Pit, Revenge of the Double Man, and Nun Chuka Kata, his bass is clearly the centerpoint of this tune. The lyrics are excellent, the bass and drums booming, and Bucket’s chilling guitar adds greatly to the song, although minimally- that is, until the solo kicks in. 5/5

    4.) Sow Thistle- This song includes Bootsy talking over a loop, while Buckethead adds some creepy horror movie guitar. This is an example of Buckethead’s techno side, with shredding of course. Not for everyone, definitely for me though. 5/5

    5.) Revenge Of The Double Man- This song is one of my favorites on the record: Les and Brain hold the groove while Buckethead tears. PhonosycographDISK, also known as DJ Disc, adds a great scratch solo over the top of this tune. Buckethead then proceeds to rip his guitar in half (or so it sounds) on another amazing guitar solo. 5/5

    6.) Night Of The Slunk- An acoustic, laid-back version of the groove from Jump Man. Buckethead then picks up the slack with some electric guitar, and really adds some interesting licks and solos amidst the acoustic setting. Out of nowhere come insane guitar patches, only to recede back into darkness to let the acoustic guitar shine through again. A wah-wah solo closes the tune. Quite a good track indeed. 5/5

    7.) Who Me?- Up until now, the album has been pretty much going strong and running wild. Here, Buckethead slows things down with an acoustic interlude. However, gentle as it may be, menacing it remains, as in the background, there seems to be the sounds of something terrible happening…unless thats just Buckethead breathing through his mask. You be the judge. 5/5

    8.) Jowls- My favorite song on here. Jowls is the best example of a great Buckethead song- Tremendous grooves, insane ripping, loops, horror-movie licks, and absolutely terrifying vocals and guitar patches. Can one ask for more from a Buckethead tune? 5/5

    9.) The Shape Vs. Buckethead- Buckethead and Michael Myers face off- Double M with his giant blade, Bucket with his guitar pyrotechnics. Bootsy and Ovi Wey narrate the battle, and PhotosychographDISK adds sound effects. The winner?…listen to find out. 5/5

    10.) Stun Operator- If you were on a rollercoaster from hell in Buckethead’s theme park Bucketheadland, this song would be playing as gravity took you to your demise. Needless to say, a creepy and excellent song. 5/5

    11.) Scapula- TechnoBucket. I’d list this under “songs that might not be for everyone” along with The Shape Vs. Bucket and Sow Thistle. This song includes a very dance floor-type guitar pattern, with soloing over the top of it. A great tune, and an excellent addition to the album. Still, a very strange Buckethead tune nonetheless. 5/5

    12.) Nun Chuka Kata- There is only one way to end a Buckethead album, and that is to shred until there is nothing left to give. Nun Chuka Kata encapsulates what is left to give from Buckethead, as he serves it to us with a one-two punch. The album ends on a great note as Buckethead launches into a full-on solo that truly makes the album complete. 5/5

    Yes, I realize I gave every song a perfect rating. But that is because they all contribute to, in my opinion, Buckethead’s finest effort thus far. Although parts aren’t for everyone, if you are truly a Bucket fan, you will definitely enjoy every second of music on here, like me. Beginners out there, buy this and Colma to start, and then make your call. Veteran fans, add this to your collection and make your Buckethead variety loads better. Skeptics, pick this up and prove yourselves wrong.

    Posted on February 20, 2010