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Monuments & Melodies (2 CD Limited Edition)

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  • Usually when ‘greatest hits’ releases come out I don’t end up having a whole lot of excitement for that bands’ future, however recent trips down the hits corridor have proven to only give the band more momentum to come out with a new CD (see Pearl Jam). So with that in mind I’m not too worried about Incubus’ future, especially given the fact that the second disc of this 2-disc adventure will prove to be all new for the normal Incubus fan.

    For those of us true followers, though, the second disc alone still proves to be worth the price of admission. With four new songs on the second disc alone (plus two others on the first), not to mention Pantomime and Neither of Us Can See both have been rerecorded to inject a bit more flair than their original counterparts, that’s all I need to be happy.

    The two new, original, songs are what will draw most normal fans in. Black Heart Inertia stands among my favorites of their released ‘hits’ simply because when you hear it you know without a doubt that it’s Incubus. Midnight Swim, after a couple listens, grows on you to the point that you’ll randomly start belting out the chorus throughout the day. On to the meat and potatoes, and the main reason to pick this up….the rarities and covers disc. The rarities, which really aren’t all that rare, consist of Neither of Us Can See, Look Alive, Pantomime, Admiration, the acoustic version of A Certain Shade…, and of course, the CDs namesake, Monuments and Melodies. If you wanted to, all of these ‘rare’ songs are easily found. I came across all of them without having to pay an arm and a leg.

    BUT! The covers are the best part. While The Vultures Feed starts off with a huge riff that’s really unexpected from Mike. Anything, the shining moment of the package, is nothing but simple but does what it should. Martini is a great sing-along type of song, and Let’s Go Crazy, the out-of-left-field track, ends the CD nicely enough.

    What separates this greatest hits package from others? The Vault. If you buy the physical copy you get a code to Incubus’ site in which they claim over 500+ mp3s, videos, what-have-you’s, spanning their entire career will be available…little by little. Give and take though. I’ve seen the line-up for future weeks and it’s gonna be worth it.

    Posted on November 29, 2009