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Monuments & Melodies (2 CD Limited Edition)

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  • Incubus has closed the chapter on the first phase of their career. What an awesome celebration of sustained excellence. Disc 1 really has no surprises other than Oil and Water (great song). The two new tracks on Disc 1, “Black Heart Inertia” and “Midnight Swim” provide a hint of where the band is going in the future. I’m a fan of each song, but “Midnight Swim” is an absolute Incubus classic. Just an all out violent/melodic rock song. Can’t wait to hear that live.

    Disc 2 is a rarities collection of previously recorded songs over their illustrious career. This is truly a gem for the Incubus fan because it is a testament to the quality of music they have been putting out for over 10 years. “While All the Vultures Feed” was recorded during the Crow Left of the Murder album and is unreal!! One of their better songs all time in my opinion. “Anything” is another stand-out with a clear Police influence. “Punch-Drunk” and “Pantomime” are my two other favorites. These songs would be on 99% of rock bands greatest hits albums.

    Incubus is one of the defining rock bands of a generation. I would highly recommend this to long time fans, but especially those who are just discovering their music. Awesome way to get into Incubus. ROCK ON!!!!!!

    Posted on November 30, 2009