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Morbid Tales/Emperor's Return

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  • This is a killer album. The first half, or the “Morbid Tales” portion, sounds great. Great remix. But when you get to the “Emperor’s Return” portion, the remix is horrible. Which sucks, because the main reason I bought this album was for the original “Circle of the Tyrants” recording. The guitars are way too low on this portion, and the vocals are almost completely drowned out. The wonderful reverb on the vocals is lost. It sounds as if he’s singing under a blanket behind a closed door. I was pissed.
    But I will say that I was thrilled with “Dethroned Emperor” and “Into Crypts of Rays,” which sound awesome. I love the way he pronounces it “DATHroned EPAHrah!!” If they would have left the other portion alone, this would be a perfect album.

    Posted on January 10, 2010