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Morning View

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  • Well, after some of the reviews I have read, I see that alot of people failo to notice the real musicality of this album compared to their previous efforts. Sure, Make Yourself (M.Y.) was their breakthrough album, which is good, but Morning View (M.V., for short) stands high above the rest. Although cheesy, I’ll do a run down of the songs in a 0-5 basis.1. Nice to Know You (4.9/5) This was the perfect opener, it shows that DJ Kilmore is more about sculling the water, not necessarily making splashes. 2. Circles (5/5) I love the guitar line.3. I Wish You Were Here (4/5) Good song, too much airplay ruins this song for me. The same thing happened with Hash Pipe (Weezer). It’s a great song, but with MTV and the radio networks, it gets overplayed, and when you hear it on the album, it isn’t the same. Oh well.4. Just A Phase (5/5) Finally, something experimental. The first 3 songs basicall followed the Incubus tried-n’-true method, which is good. Phase uses different elements that the previous albums haven’t.5. 11 A.M. (5/5) No explanation necesasary.6. Blood on the Ground (6/5) This is byfar the best song on the album. Its upbeat, it displays all of their talents, especially Brandon’s singing and songwriting abilities. I’m such a loser that I write the lyrics of this song on my text books when I get bored….7. Mexico (5/5) Similar to Drive, but better, because once again, it displays Brandon’s improvement of being a songwriter and a singer, not a screamer/yeller, like what happens in most rock bands nowadays. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but this album takes the road less traveled.8.Warning! (4/5) This song is pretty cool, but it gets kind of annoying after awhile for me, and compared to the other songs, its not as high caliber as the other tracks…9.Echo (5/5) This is close to pop, but I like it all the same. It’s catchy!10.Have You Ever? (4/5) Trying to get a little back to their roots, this song is pretty cool… I like the other “hard” songs on the album better.11. Are You In? (5/5) The other poppish songs, I like this one too, it is relaxing, but not as much as others…12. Under My Umbrella (5.5/6) This is my 3rd favorite track… It just sounds awesome. ‘Nuf said.13. Aqueous Transmission (7/5) Props to being original, and really pushing the envelope. This is one of my favorite songs on the album. The kyoto makes you want to fall asleep, and the string section adds the perfect touch. It’s a beautiful thing.When the smoke has cleared, if you respect yourself at all, you’ll go buy this album…

    Posted on December 7, 2009