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Morning View

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  • Some people around here seem to enjoy complaining that Morning View doesn’t “rock” as hard as Incubus’ previous albums. I bought this with that in mind, and was pleasantly surprised to find that there is a lot of good solid rock material on here. The first three songs – including the single ‘Wish You Were Here’ – are fine forays into the heavy, energetic pop-metal that the band has heretofore specialized in. It does become a little weirder after that. There are druggy moments (‘Just a Phase’), jazzy jams (‘Are You In?’) and an all-acoustic song (‘Mexico’). But really, the varying textures, tempos and moods all serve to maintain interest over this near-epic album. The closing song probably draws the most disparate reviews. ‘Aqueous Transmission’ is a seven-minute piece featuring a ko-kyu (sort of Japanese mandolin) and a string section, dreamily hypnotic. It is a nice counterpoint to the rest of the album. Some of the things that make this disc nice are what it isn’t – there’s no rap, no sludgy detuned guitars and not much whining angst. I would say that Incubus are one of the few bands today that continue to follow their own instincts, and for that they should be praised.

    Posted on December 7, 2009