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  • Playing out like short films, all of Opeth’s albums demand the listener’s attention. Some dismiss them as self-indulgent prog wankery, I call it darn good music! The perfect blending of bleak acoustics, chugging melodeath lead guitars, and the tormented raspy screams all sum up the atmosphere of a dark romance or drama movie. The short breaks between passages in the scene kind of signify a “changing” of scenes, so to speak, painting a new mood. It’s hard to listen to one song off of ANY Opeth album without wanting more, and “Morningrise” proves Opeth as a force to be reckoned with in metal, undoubtedly serving as their quintessential album, and the album that would soon shape their future sound. The drumwork isn’t as obvious as later Opeth work, but fits the music perfectly. There are some great bass lines thrown around as well. The lead guitars use a much more melodic style here than on the following albums as well, and meld perfectly with one another.

    Without a doubt, the highlight here is “Black Rose Immortal”, a haunting 20-minute opus that twists and turns through so many atmospheres that it may leave the listener confused at first… Fear not, for with more listening this album will come to be understood more. Don’t expect to “get” any Opeth album right off the bat. (After all, none of the songs here are under 10 minutes…) It’s attention-demanding music, and takes a while to soak in… Patience is the key! But believe me… Once you do get this whole album, you’ll be glad everything paid off, because you’ve been left with one of the finest metal albums of the 90’s!

    I believe this is the most moody and theatrical of Opeth’s work. and the album that would define their future sound. Reccommended to fans of prog, melodic death metal, or just music in general!

    Posted on January 19, 2010