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  • All right then: I know many of you are already sharpening your knives to go for my jugular after seeing my rating, demanding blood for the act of heresy of “trashing” the greatest band in the history of the universe. So once again, I’m compelled to post a disclaimer about my rating and my review, just so I can be at peace with MYSELF and to be PERFECTLY clear about things (and yet, I KNOW there are STILL gonna be people who will send me the usual death threats…oh well). I’ll try to do this as short, quick and painless as I can (I’m sure you all have better things to do than to read a lot of pseudo-intellectual babble…)…Like removing a band aid!

    So here goes the disclaimer: I’m NOT a Zeppelin hater! I am NOT trashing the band! I am NOT trashing their music! Zeppelin rules! The band is awesome! The music is awesome! THIS compilation, however, is not. Yeah, I know all about their upcoming December one-off reunion gig, but even THAT fact does NOT justify this release.

    As other reviewers have accurately pointed out (and I’m sure many others will continue to do so…), “Mothership” has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING more and/or new to offer for Zep fans. Actually, it offers less: less songs than “Remasters” and/or “Earlier Days/Latter Days”. So what is the point of this, really? The DVD? Sorry, not worth the price of admission, especially if I CAN get it elsewhere separately. The remastering? Most people can’t even tell the difference…die hards sure can, but the average listener can’t…

    Insult me and threaten me all you want, but ask yourselves this one, simple question: which true Zep fan DOESN’T already have all these songs?

    I rest my case.

    Peace to you all…

    Posted on March 16, 2010