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Motley Crue - Greatest Hits

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  • I suppose this album gives radio listeners a sufficient dose of the “X-games soundtrack”-style rock by which they know the Crue, and I suppose those who desire a vicarious participation in the Vh-1 version of the eighties may enjoy this collection. However, for a fan who sees an intricate game of subversion at work in Vince Neil’s lyrics, the greatest hits album feels like a bit of a sell-out. “All in the Name of…,” for example, is one of the great criticisms of the self-aggrandizing eighties rock bands, and it is conspicuously absent from the collection, as is “Porno Star,” a scathing indictment of the commodification of the sexual other predicated by the alterity of Internet communication. “Dr. Feelgood,” and more subtly “Girls, Girls, Girls,” is the closest thing we get to these fierce social commentaries here.
    “Greatest Hits” albums can be the most popular tunes, or the truly “greatest” songs of a band’s catalog. Sadly, this album follows the latter paradigm. Certainly, Vince Neil is not possessed of the same socio-political fervor as Bono (“Sunday Bloody Sunday”) or Brett Michaels (“Something to Believe In”), but he deserves his due.

    Posted on November 30, 2009