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  • It is just amazing, that after a 30+ year career, Lemmy & co. would release their 24th album, with no signs of slowing down or watering down their sound, with the same energy as if it was 1977!
    At this point Motorhead have become an institution!

    Motorheads’ success is due to the fact that unlike most metal bands who have survived this long (and very few have), the band has NEVER sold out to current musical trends.. Motorhead has seen punk, NWOBHM, hair metal, grunge, nu-metal and punk come and go back again, and they have always sounded the same: as loud and heavy as ever.

    Motorhead are as uncompromising as always, which is why they have everyone’s respect and this is why they keep on touring and releasing new music!

    The new album, Motorizer is not a groundbreaking by any manner, but this is not the reason why you listen to Motorhead in the first place.. what you get is what you expect: 11 pounding proto-metal Motorhead tracks loud enough to leave you deaf, with the always genial lyrics Lemmy has always written (hey, Ozzy wouldn’t hire just anyone to write songs for him.. there is a reason why he hired Lemmy!)

    Overall, Motorizer may not be as good a Motorhead’s surprisingly successful 2004 album “Inferno”, but it doesn’t matter.. it is still good enough to enjoy, because nobody writes songs like Lemmy and nobody sounds like Motorhead!

    This band re-invented and re-defined the way metal sounds forever (just ask Metallica!) and this album will be a great addition to any Motorhead fan’s CD collection!

    Posted on January 21, 2010