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  • Motorhead-Motorizer ****1/2

    Upon first listen Motorizer feels like just another Motorhead album. Yeah, a great motorhead album, well then again Motorhead never really made a bad album did they? Moving on…

    As you give the album time it seems to grow better with each listen. As Lemmy’s lyrics become more recognizable to you the songs seem better that usual. Lemmy really stepped up the lyrics for Motorizer; they are both very personal and intelligent. His bass playing is exception as well (‘When The Eagle Screams’) much better than usual. Philip Campbell shows his merit here as well. His Wah-Wah tone makes his guitar scream and his riffs are solid and his solos kill! Mikkey Dee proves once again that he just might be the very best drummer in rock n’ roll today. This is really his album.

    ‘Runaround Man’ is classic Motorhead destined to be a fan favorite as is ‘Rock Out.’ The latter being very Ramones influenced adding an extra layer of awesome. ‘English Rose’ kills just about anything out today and ‘The Thousand Names Of God’ is among the strongest sets of lyrics Lemmy has ever set to paper. ‘When The Eagle Screams’ is by far the strongest track on the album. Both musically, and lyrically it destroys. Played and sung with passion; the guys really nailed it here.

    Motorizer is among the very best Motorhead albums. Ace of Spades and Kiss of Death are the only who seem to surpass it.

    Posted on January 21, 2010