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  • What else would you expect, these days, from these guys but, keep the fight going! This one cleans your proverbial clock and then some! After only a few listens, the boys from Britian can still grind out that clever sound which distinguishes them from the rest! Mr. Kilmister, Mr. Campbell, and Mr. DEE have done a tremendous job over the last several years keeping true to their sound and the twists just seem to keep coming! One critic said this LP may not be as good as 2004’s INFERNO? PLEASE listen again! It’s as good or better than that one and KISS OF DEATH/their recent and last excellent studio effort! With such standouts as Rock Out(following a similiar classic style like Iron Fist), Runaround Man(A Sacrifice LP soundalike), Buried Alive, When the Eagle Screams, and a usual weird and metallic rocker like The Thousand Names of God, Motorhead continue to cement their place in music history as true icons
    of loud rock ‘n’ roll! With this effort, fans like myself can truly appreciate that famous term STICK TO YOUR GUNS!! ALL HAIL MOTORHEAD!! Thanks again Lemmy, Phil, and Mikey for continuing to reign as true masters of fast edge, sometimes blues & punk driven, hard rocking, heavy metal!

    Posted on January 22, 2010