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Moving Pictures

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  • Although Rush released this CD in early 1981, some of the songs (mainly the perpetual hit “Tom Sawyer”) could’ve been relased in the late ’80’s or early ’90’s, and no one would’ve complained. Rush has always been very good at moving with the times, although it has backfired on them, with accusations of bandwagon jumping. This CD, though, doesn’t get slotted into one time, because it sounds timeless. Besides the fact that every song (even the 11-minute long “The Camera Eye”) is very ear-friendly, the music fits in many different places. The keyboards sound not quite ultra-modern, but not fossilized, and the guitar, like all good Led Zeppelin-ish riffage, sounds good no matter what the time period is. Neil, Alex and Geddy get to show off their chops (their taking turns soloing in “YYZ” being the best example), but don’t overwhelm the songs, which happened sometimes in their ’70’s “epics”. Because Rush is a constantly changing band, you’re probably going to find a certain point in time where their music simply connects with you better than at other times. For most people, that time was 1981, and Moving Pictures was the album.

    Posted on February 23, 2010