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MTV2 Headbangers Ball

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This boxset includes both albums Age Of Winters and Gods Of The Earth packaged together for one low price. It also comes with a limited edition sticker from The Sword. This is a limited edition boxset to celebrate the current four month Metallica U.S. tour.

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  • Watch out. As far as I can tell there are no versions of this cd that are not clean. Theres nothing worse than buying a cd, putting in the car, and hearing Manson sing this is the new it!? Come on roadrunner, would mtv not let you put the dirty words on there? I digress, the cd is decent other than that. I have most of the tracks on cd already but this is a great disc for the road. Nothing new or rare but it fills out nicely. The second disc is a lot different than the first. The second is much heavier. I don’t recommend picking this one up. The 4 stars are for the 40 tracks and low price. If you can find one uncut, pick it up and let me know what store you got it at.

    Posted on December 15, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Well this 2 Cd set is not the greatest. There are many good songs but the songs are EDITED. Listening to edited metal music really sucks. Editing music ruins good songs. Why didnt MTV make these CDs with unedited tracks. Well for this reason MTV sucks! They ruined good music by editing it. Overall 2 good cds to listen to with your Grandparents!!!!!!!

    Posted on December 15, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • My favorite music show now gets it’s own soundtrack. 40 pieces of relentless heavy metal from high in the mainstream to the deep underground. I will rate them.DISC 11. Godsmack- “Straight Out Of Line”= ****1/22. Hatebreed- “This Is Now”= *****3. Staind- “Price To Play”= ****4. Cold- “Stupid Girl”= ****5. Deftones- “Hexagram”= *****6. Marilyn Manson- “This Is The New *hit”= *****7. Sevendust- “Separate”= ****8. Ill Nino- “When It Cuts”= ****9. Mudvayne- “World So Cold”= *****10. Spineshank- “Smothered”= ****1/211. Static-X- “Destroy All”= *****12. Killswitch Engage- “Fixation On The Darkness”= *****13. Stone Sour- “Inhale”= *****14. Soil- “Pride”= ****1/215. Anthrax- “Safe Home”= *****16. Slayer- “Raining Blood” (Live)= *****17. Murderdolls- “Dead In Hollywood”= *****18. Shadows Fall- “Destroyer Of Senses”= *****19. Mushroomhead- “Sun Doesn’t Rise”= *****20. Rob Zombie- “House Of 1,000 Corpses”= ***1/2DISC 221. Lamb Of God- “Ruin”= *****22. Arch Enemy- “We Will Rise”= *****23. In Flames- “Cloud Connected”= *****24. Chimaira- “Down Again”= ****25. Eighteen Visions- “You Broke Like Glass”= ****1/226. Lacuna Coil- “Heaven’s A Lie”= *****27. Devildriver- “I Could Care Less”= *****28. Sworn Enemy- “Sworn Enemy”= ****29. 36 Crazyfists- “At The End Of August”= ****1/230. Cradle Of Filth- “Mannequin”= *****31. Demon Hunter- “Infected”= ****1/232. Mastodon- “March Of The Fire Ants”= *****33. Motograter- “Down”= *****34. E-Town Concrete- “Mandibles”= ***35. Poison The Well- “Botchla”= ****36. Soilwork- “Rejection Role”= *****37. Unearth- “Endless”= ***1/238. Strapping Young Lad- “Relentless”= *****39. As I Lay Dying- “Forever”= ****40. Meshuggah- “Rational Gaze”= *****I have also seen several of these songs in music video form. They are: “Straight Out Of Line”, “This Is Now”, “Price To Play,” “Stupid Girl,” “Hexagram,” “This Is The New *hit,” “World So Cold,” “Smothered,” “Fixation On The Darkness,” “Inhale,” “Safe Home,” “Rainig Blood” Live, “Dead In Hollywood,” “Destroyer Of Senses,” “Sun Doesn’t Rise,” “Ruin,” “We Will Rise,” “Down Again,” “You Broke Like Glass,” “Sworn Enemy,” “Mannequin,” “Down,” “Mandibles,” “Botchla,” “Rejection Role,” “Relentless,” and “Rational Gaze.” As you can see, I watch the show plenty!

    Posted on December 15, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • ahh, Headbanger’s Ball,, one of the best shows ever to exist.. no wait, THE best show ever to exist- I wish I could have been old enough to see the original one.. I’m 19, I was only like 5 when the original one was on… I have MTV2 and I watch the new one on occassion- it’s ok- too many commercial breaks and a lot of the same videos over & over. But nonetheless I still wanted to pick this up, and it’s a very good cd. It has one disc of mostly mainstream stuff and one disc of more underground stuff. The first disc is actually pretty good- my only complaints are the Staind song(i like Staind but not that song- would’ve been better if they put “Just Go” or “Mudshovel”) and “Stupid Girl”(so sick of that song, well I never really liked it anyway- if they were going to put a Cold song they could have put on “Go Away”)… other than that, good disc- great tracks from Godsmack, Deftones, Hatebreed, Sevendust, Manson, Ill Nino, and even a live Slayer song :) The second disc is simply amazing- a cd that says MTV on it that actually has IN FLAMES??? and ARCH ENEMY??? and MESHUGGAH??? and DEVIL DRIVER???? WOW! Also has some great tracks like Motograter’s “Down” and Chimaira’s “Down Again”.Definitley the best hard rock/metal compilation released in 2003! Great for scaring those who listen to “NOW Thats What I Call Music!” or “The Best of TRL Pop”KEEP IT HEAVY!

    Posted on December 14, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • This was the CD that got me into the New Wave of American Heavy Metal and real metal in general. Anyways, I started listening to Hatebreed, Killswitch Engage, Pantera and Chimaira before I bought this a month after it came out, but it’s still a great compilation. The flaws are the edits, but you can’t really recognize that on the second disc. Here’s what I think of each track on this disc.

    DISC 1

    1. “Straight Out Of Line” by Godsmack (3/5) Extremely overplayed…
    2. “This Is Now” by Hatebreed (5/5)
    3. “Price To Play” by Staind (0/5) Anything after “Dysfunction” sucks.
    4. “Stupid Girl” by Cold (4/5) Great track from an underrated band.
    5. “Hexagram” by Deftones (5/5) Deftones rule.
    6. “This Is The New *hit” by Marilyn Manson (1/5) Edited version sucks, and I don’t like Manson that much…
    7. “Separate” by Sevendust (2/5) Replace that track with “Enemy”…
    8. “When It Cuts” by Ill Nino (3/5) Replace with “How Can I Live”…
    9. “World So Cold” by Mudvayne (4/5) This track rules…it would have gotten a 5/5 if it weren’t the radio edit…
    10. “Smothered” by Spineshank (5/5) This is some good stuff there…
    11. “Destroy All” by Static-X (3/5) “Shadow Zone” wasn’t that great of a CD, but this is a decent song…
    12. “Fixation On The Darkness” by Killswitch Engage (5/5) This is the version with Howard Jones on vocals. The original is as good as well.
    13. “Inhale” by Stone Sour (3/5) Mediocre song from Corey Taylor’s side project.
    14. “Pride” by Soil (1/5) This song sucks, but the rest of the CD is pretty good.
    15. “Safe Home” by Anthrax (4/5) Screw “St. Anger”, Anthrax can still produce good albums in 2003, not Selloutica!
    16. “Raining Blood [live]” by Slayer (5/5) The studio track is great, and the live version kicks ass as well.
    17. “Dead In Hollywood” by Murderdolls (4/5) One of the only good tracks off their CD.
    18. “Destroyer Of Senses” by Shadows Fall (10/5) What can I say? It’s Shadows Fall!
    19. “Sun Doesn’t Rise” by Mushroomhead (5/5) Great track from an up-and-coming band.
    20. “House Of 1000 Corpses” by Rob Zombie (-9999999999999999/5) The only Rob Zombie worth listening to is off “Hellbilly Deluxe”.

    DISC 2

    1. “Ruin” by Lamb Of God (5/5) LOG rules.
    2. “We Will Rise” by Arch Enemy (5/5) I’m amazed a chick sings for this band.
    3. “Clouds Connected” by In Flames (4/5) It’s new In Flames, but that’s not an excuse for how great the track is.
    4. “Down Again” by Chimaira (20/5) Practically the reason I bought this CD.
    5. “You Broke Like Glass” by Eighteen Visions (5/5) It grew on me.
    6. “Heaven’s A Lie” by Lacuna Coil (5/5) F*ck Evanescence. Lacuna Coil plays TRUE gothic metal.
    7. “I Could Care Less” by DevilDriver (4/5) It’s not Coal Chamber, but it will do.
    8. “Sworn Enemy” by Sworn Enemy (3/5) One of the only good tracks off their CD.
    9. “At The End Of August” by 36 Crazyfists (5/5) Great band with great material.
    10. “Mannequin” by Cradle Of Filth (2/5) It’s off their P.O.S. “Damnation and a Day”…
    11. “Infected” by Demon Hunter (4/5) Didn’t catch me at first, but I got into it.
    12. “March Of The Fire Ants” by Mastodon (5/5) Amazing track.
    13. “Down” by Motograter (4/5) It’s good.
    14. “Mandibles” by E.Town Concrete (4/5) Rap metal done right.
    15. “Botchla” by Poison The Well (5/5) Poison The Well rules…
    16. “Rejection Role” by Soilwork (3/5) It’s decent.
    17. “Endless” by Unearth (4/5) Great track from a great band.
    18. “Relentless” by Strapping Young Lad (5/5) Devin Townsend is a musical genius.
    19. “Forever” by As I Lay Dying (5/5) Addicting…
    20. “Rational Gaze” by Meshuggah (5/5) Holy schnikies, this is gold!

    It’s a great CD to get you beyond the nu-metal realm, especially the 2nd CD with the more underground bands. Recommended.

    Posted on December 14, 2009 - Permalink - Buy Now