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Music as a Weapon II (CD & DVD)

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  • Disturbed, Taproot, Chevelle and Unloco. Awesome combination. Taproot is a good bad, however didn’t sound the best live, but their cd sounds awesome. Unloco and Chevelle both sounded pretty good on the cd and were very easy to get into and enjoy the music, good balance between vocals and music so you can understand the lyrics. We all know Disturbed is an incredible band. Powerful vocals, great guitar riffs, very talented band. This live performance was nothing less than that. They remade Fade to Black by Metallica which was incredible. The intro to their performance was very well done. The content and song choice was excellent, powerful and intense vocals with their well known beats and guitar made this cd definately worth while. Throw in the DVD for 5.1 surround on all the songs, turn up the volume, and enjoy the music.

    Posted on January 18, 2010