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  • Don’t get me wrong, this is 5-star material. But when you plunk down your hard-earned dollars on a box set, there had better be close to 100% of the band’s material on it. I’ve listed the songs _not_ in the set at the bottom of my post. I really miss not having “Real Thing,” “Sunshine,” and the demo of “We Die Young.” The good news is that there is some great stuff you can’t get on the regular discs, including demos, B-sides, remixes and a few live tracks. I can’t believe how great as a whole all of that is! The fourth disc is a CD-ROM, which I feel was a waste of space. It includes a few full-length videos, video clips, and a boring Myst-like game. I would’ve rather had this 4th disc used to complete the set, or as others suggested, used for other stuff available only on imports/singles. Missing stuff from Facelift: Sunshine Put You Down I Know Somethin’ Real Thing AIC: Brush Away Sludge Factory Shame In You So Close Nothin’ Song Unplugged: (10 songs missing) Best of the Box: We Die Young Rooster (live)

    Posted on March 10, 2010