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Music for People

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  • Due to poor marketing, VAST (Visual Audio Sensory Theater) does not receive the recognition it truly deserves. Music for people is a monumental original piece that takes styles from many areas of music. The album opens with “The Last One Alive”, a song that starts with a simple guitar rhythm, but then the piece explodes into a song that holds many harmonic sounds on top of the main melody. It’s wonderful.The album progresses from that song into other variations of styles and rhythms. The second song, “Free,” retains the original sound from VAST’s wonderfully moody first album, while the song “A Better Place” seems to hold strong alternative roots embedded into the guitar melodies and string harmonies. Once the album is complete, it is easy to see that it holds musical tastes for anyone that loves any type of rock. The key to what makes the entire album so good though is that VAST keeps their signature moodiness in their lyrics and overall tone. I highly recommend it for everyone (along with their self titled first album- “VAST”).

    Posted on January 22, 2010