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Music for People

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  • I can understand how some people can be disappointed with this album but it certainly doesn’t deserve any bad reviews. I myself wasn’t thrilled with the utter change in Music For People but I also wasn’t pulling my hair out in tears. To be terribly disgruntled would be an exaggeration but when I first heard Music For People I remember detesting it almost as much as I had their first release, just because it was so completely different. Orchestration was present on Visual Audio Sensory Theater but it was never in the forefront like it is here. The first album consisted mostly of sinister goth rock with deep profound lyrics (most of which were questioning Gods existance) with gregorian monk singing to give a slight Enigma feel. My views on their first album, however, have desperately altered since I first bought it back in 98, ranking up there now with my ten favorite albums. The whole gregorian influence is still present in songs such as “What Else Do I Do” and “Song Without A Name” but they are less apparent as they bleed into the background to the point of nonexistence. In many aspects this album is more rock oriented with tunes that could have easily been sung by artists such as Queen and Pink Floyde (namely on “Land Of Shame” and “The Gates Of Rock ‘N’ Roll”). Jon Crosby’s gorgeous male vocals (which sometimes remind me of frontman David Gahan of Depeche Mode) really shine on slower ballads “I Don’t Have Anything”, “We Will Meet Again” and “Blue” which swims with flowing strings. The darkly lavished “Lady Of Dreams”, however, closes this album with the same atmosphere that his first album carried, only with a purer more instrumental awakening.

    Posted on January 23, 2010