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  • First, I must say that Jon Crosby has an artistic mind that is unsurpassed in popular music in the last 20 years. How rare a find is a CD that you can listen regardless of your mood? That is what Vast’s first self-titled release was, absolutely brilliant. Edgy thoughtful and prescient… if you don’t have their first CD go buy it and savor every minute. If you are listening to it for the first time I envy you because this second release is nothing of the sublime epiphany that VAST was.With this latest release I believe the hardest thing to swallow is watching an ingenious artist slice and dice his music into perfectly square 3-minute chunks. I am sure this will assist in getting the band’s name out across a myriad of radio stations but at what artistic price? And where has all the sampling gone? Could it be that a project created in a year will never be as good as a well simmered 4 or 5 year cogitation? So why do I still recommend this CD? If your tastes run towards more introspective acoustic guitar and a mostly natural created sound then you will find this a good release. There are several cuts that really do stand out but over all it has a much slower gate than the previous release. If you are expecting to add another mellow mood music CD to your collection of; Morrisey, Tori Amos, Siouxsie Sioux, The Cure or others of this genre buy it now. But if you were expecting a repeat you will be disappointed. Don’t get me wrong I still recommend it. But you will not listen to it for months straight without taking it out of your CD player like you did with the first one.

    Posted on January 23, 2010