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Music for People

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  • I think we are in agreement on a few things: 1. The songs are not lengthy. Almost everyone would like songs to be longer, aside from Blur’s “Song 2″ which was appropriately short. 2. The CD is not as brash or hard as the 1st.However,look at it this way: 1. Don’t take each song as an individual. They seem to work together, almost telling a mood changing story, from the highs of “Free”, which rocks, and the lows of “Blue”, which is the most BEAUTIFUL song I have heard. 2. If you wanted “Music for the People” to sound exactly like the first CD, then why buy this one? You should have bought “Visual Audio Sensory Theater” again. This CD should stand on it’s own.And to anyone saying VAST is trying to go mainstream with this release and are trying to be “radio friendly”, COME ON! On the first release there were 3 or 4 songs that were “radio friendly”, except the morons that listen to the radio for music, wouldn’t get it.In conclusion, this CD stands alone as a wonderful and beautiful piece of work!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks guys for giving me hope that there are groups out there that actually care about music.

    Posted on January 23, 2010