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  • In Mutter, Rammstein breaks away from the almost one-dimensional onslaught of their previous albums to create a powerful, diverse album of exceptional musical quality.The opening track, Mein Herz Brennt, is a ripper. The lyrics speak of demons, ghosts and black faeries creeping through children’s bedrooms and is backed up by a powerful melody that just blows you away once it gets into full swing.Almost every track on the album from here on features something that makes it memorable. Just a little change in pace here, a little change in melody there, some powerful chorus sections on most and you soon find this album growing on you every time you listen to it. Tracks like Links 234, Feuer Frei and Rein Raus will satisfy fans of Rammstein’s pacy metal style used in their previous albums, while Sonne, Zwitter, Ich Will and the foot-stomping head-banging delight that is Adios oozes with a classy assembly and finish that are often lacking in this genre of music. Rammstein also shows a gentler side with the tracks Mutter and Nebel, slower paced but no less brilliant. For me the best song on the album has to be Spieluhr though. Superb, yet eerie lyrics talk about a child being buried alive by accident with a music box in his/her hands. The chorus is fantastic, just about the catchiest thing I’ve heard in any form of music in a long time, and the whole song is just brilliantly put together like all the other tracks on this album. To summarize: Best tracks: Mein Herz Brennt, Sonne, Spieluhr, AdiosWorst track: Rein Raus, if you have to push me for oneMutter as an album delivers an incredible musical experience and every song deserves its place on the album – no fillers here. The deep, thundering sound demands a pair of decent speakers – turn up the volume and prepare to hear the windows rattle.Rammstein is a band on the rise, that’s for sure. The mere fact that they broke away from their one dimensional metalish sound on the previous two albums and ventured into a smarter, more orchestral and melodic, yet still pleasurably hard and heavy sound (yep, the parents will definitely worry about you if they find you listening to this lot in a dark room!) for Mutter shows us that this is a band with massive potential. I can’t wait to hear their next effort – hopefully they stick to German. Rammstein in English just won’t be the same.Check out [URL] for English translations of the German lyrics.

    Posted on December 24, 2009