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  • Proving that even the heaviest anthems can drift into mainstream circulation with the proper mixture of video elements, technotronic outletting, and a need to set things ablaze, Rammstein managed an exorbitant amount success with their last outing, Sehnsucht. This wasn’t without reason, either, because the performance was solid, reading like a book of anthems in a language I find myself struggling to dissect because my understanding of German isn’t what it once was. Still, Mutter goes father into both the industrial spectrum and the more driven side of music as well, adding both the splendor of the beautiful into works where you wouldn’t normally expect them as well as providing the pulsating hammer to drive their works further and faster.The album begins with the spoken word piece, “Mein Herz Brennt,” giving one the impression that perhaps this album will lead into more tamed pastures before the heavier, pulsating sounds of “Links 2 3 4,” introduces the listener to what would be a fairer assessment of what to expect next. Other things are to the fray later, such as the beautiful sounds of the chorus in “Sonne 4,” combining a strangely angelic sing-a-long into the background at uneven intervals, or the ballad-rich tempo of “Mutter,” holding the attention well as the wheels of the industrial machine grinds on. This, combined with the terminal beat that infects the album, keeps it pressing forward in ways that throw interesting entanglements of sound effects, heavily crafted guitars, and beats into a dance-rich German barrage.If you’ve yet to check into Rammstein, perhaps this wouldn’t be the first album to start with, but it would definitely be something worthy of acquiring along with their last release. Both are enjoyable in their own right and give one an idea of the progression the band has undertaken on its road to stardom, not to mention how a pyromaniac German band continues on the road to success.

    Posted on December 24, 2009