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  • I do not know where to start. There is not a single bad track on the entire album.The first thing you will notice when you listen to Rammstein’s “Mutter” is the outstanding musical discipline used to achieve an incredibly “tight” and ammaculate sound.Mutter is also very melodic. Every song has a definable theme, rather than just a messy sounding jumble of guitars, bass, keyboard and drums.I might also mention that this is Rammstein’s first album to include orchestral strings sections.[1]MEIN HERZ BRENNT (My Heart Burns): What an opening. The strings provide a deeply cinematic feel, as lead singer Till Lindemann opens with “Nun lieber Kinder, gebt fein acht”, translating to “Now dear children, pay attention…”. The strings deeper sections come in before bursting into guitars and drums, while the strings, still playing, perform an series of fast scales, coinciding with Rammstein’s familiar industrial-sound. This contrast works remarkably well.[2] LINKS 2 3 4 (Left 2 3 4): The political song of the album, contradicting claims that the are supporters of the Right Wing, or Nazism (The title represents a march). The guitars provide a surprisingly catchy theme and, in my opinion, is one of the most energetic songs on the album.[3] SONNE (Sun): Rammstein created a guitar riff with this song that always makes me think “why hasn’t this been done before?” A beautiful sampling of a wailing choir is heard towards the end, as “the world counts loudly to ten…”, and the strong vocals emphasize the song just that much more. Wow.[4]: ICH WILL (I Want): The song that got me into Rammstein. Within 20 seconds of hearing this song, I decided to buy all their albums! And I am very picky about music! Prior to hearing this, only classical was for me. The guitars and keyboard work together producing a monstrous, but obviously melodic sound.[5]: FEUER FREI! (Open Fire!): Ok, a calm synth sound. Sounds quie nice I suppose, then, holy crap, KA-BOOM! The guitars, bass and keyboard hit you so fast, you really need to be aware of when it will arrive! Im my opinion, the “messiest” song of the album, but even so retains it’s clean and “compact” sound.[6]: MUTTER (Mother): The album song. Beautiful, anthem like guitar theme, different from any other song on the album. This song, like Mein Herz Brennt, includes the orchestra and creates a very powerful song. Right towards the end of the sogn Till’s voice fades in before hitting the final chorus and ending with “Mother! Oh give me strength”.[7]: SPIELUHR (Music box): A very story-like song. Opens with just Till’s voice. One can visualise him reciting a fairy-tale to children. An awesome chorus, very expansive-sounding. Also includes another odd combination of guitars and music box and sounds really, quite wonderful.[8]: ZWITTER (Hermaphrodite): Now we reach the more sinister of songs. This song has one of my favourite choruses and has downright hilarious lyrics. I suggest you check them out![9]: REIN RAUS (In Out): As can be guessed by the ever-so-subtle title, this is a song about sex. Understandably, people might be turned off by this, yet I find the composition so damn awesome! Right towards the end a frentic keyboard section flies up and down various scales performing loops and such creating a bizarre “circus effect”! Just perfect![10]: ADIOS (Goodbye): Yes, this is Spanish and was dedicated to a drug addict (I forget his name). Great guitar solo (I’m using these “great” adjectives a lot, I know…), and great chorus. Great great great![11]: NEBEL (Mist): Quite possibly my favourite song of all time. If you get the chance to hear this, please excuse the rather slow introduction and give it a chance. The song is about a man’s last few moments with the girl he loves before she passes away. Set on a beach, the chorus sings “And then he kissed her, where the sea ends…”. Don’t mistake this for another cheesy pop song, please.After the first few verses, the drums come in, as though you are expecting the guitars. Instead, what you get is lush, astonishingly beautiful strings flooding everything out. A cymbal clash concludes the string’s part and back to the verse. If the chorus doesn’t move you, the concluding words to the song will, as the it ends amidst a dissonant clash of strings and keyboard, and then resting on a long orchestral note. It ends, just as it begin. Beautifully.So there you have it. Any industrial metal band that can successfully pull off a romantic song without being cheesy is a worthy band. And that is Rammstein.

    Posted on December 24, 2009