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My Arms, Your Hearse

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  • This is my favorite Opeth masterpiece. Initially, when Opeth was still new to me, it was my least favorite. It has the dreariest, grittiest production, few acoustic guitar parts (and they are mostly short), and seems even more sonically oppressive and bleak than anything else they’ve done. But this album is AMAZING. It is a concept album about a ghost who seems not to realize that he’s dead and he observes his lost love after his passing. “Karma” seems to be where he becomes aware of his demise and it’s crushing (the scream!!! it’s all about that scream). _My Arms, Your Hearse_ is heavier than _Orchid_ and _Morningrise_ but no less melodic and captivating in its evocative, spellbinding musical progression. From the haunting sounds of rain and ethereal piano notes of “Prologue”, to the tidal wave of melodic riffs in “April Ethereal”, to the longing, forlorn acoustic ending of “When”, to the hellfire assault of “Demon of the Fall”, to the smothering finality of “Karma”, to the soul-melting, aching melodies of “Epilogue”, MAYH is a masterpiece with few peers. No fan of progressive metal should be without this, and anyone who didn’t really “get it” is strongly encouraged to give it another chance.

    Posted on February 16, 2010