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My Own Prison

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  • When toad the wet sprocket broke up, I was looking for bands that were as good. With the possible exception of Collective Soul, none were. Toad had a lyrical depth and a realness and an emotional intensity that no one had.Until I heard Creed.This album is amazing. Creed is a tier above the rest of the music industry. I get so sick of “artists” worshipping at the altar of money and popularity. Creed has a strong thread of reality and wholeness that I haven’t heard in a long time. They tell stories, they write philosophy, they address issues, they offer hope. “My Own Prison” is a powerful piece of art.If you aren’t a fan of grunge/hard rock music, their edginess may turn you off. Personally, I think they have it just right. Scott Stapp’s voice conveys anger, hurt, or hope very well and the band is very professional in its playing. Obviously they can be compared in sound to Pearl Jam, and other groups. But certainly not in quality. They have actual messages. They are a group that can write, can sing, can play, and can really inspire.Creed is fueled by the band members’ own passions and beliefs, and that shows through in this great CD. They aren’t “wannabes”; it’s the rest of the music industry that is!

    Posted on December 14, 2009