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My Own Prison

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  • Creed-a quartet out of Florida who like every other band out there dreamed of becoming stars. With hard work and determination, Creed began their rise with this debut My Own Prison. Scott Stapp may sound a bit like Eddie Vedder(Pearl Jam) but his deep voice calls for unity in “One” discusses a friend’s suicide “What’s This Life For” and relates an episode of him drinking too much ’shroom juice with the line “should’ve been dead on a Sunday morning” in “my Own Prison.” Mark Tremonti-a truly gifted guitarist successfully backs up Stapp with his rhythmic riffs and his back-up sultry voice. Brian Marshall’s pulsating bass provides rhythm throughout and Scott Phillip’s pounding of the skins provides a memorable beat for all. For everyone who has never heard Creed, come out from hiding and check this remarkable CD out. You will truly be blown away by the songwriting of Stapp and Tremonti as well as the deeper meaning behind each and every song.

    Posted on December 14, 2009