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Nativity in Black, Vol. 2: A Tribute to Black Sabbath

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  • This CD is good overall. Here’s my review1. SweetLeaf – Godsmack. Great guitar tone, but the song sounds too much like the original.2. Hole in the Sky – Machine Head. I was very dissapointed in this song, because Machine Head rules. It sounds like its mixed up.3. Behind the wall of Sleep – Static X. Good remake, its got a disco feel to it. 4. Never Say Die – Megadeth. Good cover also, but its Megadeth, and megadeth sounds the same no matter how they do a song.5. Snowblind – System of a Down. If there is a reason to buy this album, this is it. Great remake. They put their own spin on it.6. Electric Funeral – Pantera. I love Pantera, but I couldn’t tell if it was Phil or Ozzy singing the vocals, too much like the origial.7. N.I.B – OZZY/Primus, Just like the original8. Hand of Doom – Slayer. This is a stand out track. It is raging start to finish. 9. Under the Sun – Soulfly. This is a great remake of this song. 10. Sabbra Cadabra – Hedpe. Good remake, to hip hop for me.11. Into the Void – Monster Magnet. Good overall cover, but it clocks in at 12 min, too long12. Iron Man – Buster Rhymes. This should be deleted from the disk. Overall, if you like Sabbath give it a try. Soulfly, Slayer and System of a down are the 3 best covers.

    Posted on January 21, 2010