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Nativity in Black, Vol. 2: A Tribute to Black Sabbath

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  • VARIOUS ARTISIS – Nativity in Black Vol. II
    This album may be a few years old now but after listening again to this the other day I had to leave my 2 cents.
    First off cover albums are very difficult to review so I will do a song by song review and average the total score.

    1. “Sweet Leaf” – Godsmack – 4.5/5
    -A great opener – Godsmack really nailed this track on the head… They gave it a bit of their own edge but still kept the premise of the song.

    2. “Hole in the Sky” – Machine Head – 4/5
    -Machine Head seems to do either really good, or really, really bad… Luckily this falls within the first.

    3. “Behind the Wall of Sleep” – Static-X – 2/5
    -Just not feeling the vibe – too `electric’ and just too much like Static X…

    4. “Never Say Die” – Megadeth – 4/5
    -Mustaine does a good rendition but I feel like something is just missing on this cover that stops it from being great… Then again maybe it’s just Mustaine.

    5. “Snowblind” – System of a Down – 4.5/5
    -My favorite song on the CD that sounds little like the original but brings an entirely new element an already classic song.

    6. “Electric Funeral” – Pantera – 5/5
    -Probably the best cover on the album… Phil and crew do an amazing version of this tune.

    7. “N.I.B.” – Primus (featuring Ozzy) – 5/5
    -I feel bad for Geezer Butler…. Les Claypool schools the old school master on this version… and having Ozzy sing the Vocals only makes this track better.

    8. “Hand of Doom” – Slayer – 5/5
    -This actually sounds little like what you’d expect Slayer doing a cover to sound like… A very mature sound and probably tied with Pantera for the best cover on this album.

    9. “Under the Sun” – Soulfly – 4/5
    -Though significantly heavier than the original this is still very well done… Love the breakdown!

    10. “Sabbra Cadabra” – Hed (pe) – 2/5
    -Yeah it’s just weird… Not in the good way like the S.O.A.D. Cover… This is just odd.

    11. “Into the Void” – Monster Magnet – 3/5
    -Just not feeling this track… Not bad, just not great…

    12. “Iron Man” – Busta Rhymes – 1/5
    -Yeah umm… ok. “I work hard to take care of everyone of my N!&&#+$…”
    I like Busta for rap but please don’t EVER!!! Cover Sabbath Again!

    TOTAL: 44/60 = 3.66 Stars (rounded up to a generous 4 Stars)

    Truth is if you are a Sabbath fan and you like some of the bands on here it is easily worth your time and money… However, if you’re a 70’s Purist I probably wouldn’t bother….

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    Posted on January 21, 2010