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Nativity in Black, Vol. 2: A Tribute to Black Sabbath

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  • I have been waiting about a year for the release of this album and now that it’s here, I must say it’s been worth it. Since there are 12 different bands on the album I’ll review each track individually on a scale of 1-5. 1). Sweet Leaf -Godsmack. 5/5. This is a geat rendition of the song and a perfect opener for the CD. These guys have a bright future. 2). Hole In The Sky – Machine Head. 4/5. Great job on the song, definitely rocks but pales a little in comparison to the sound that MH has on “The Burning Red”. 3). Behind The Wall of Sleep – Static-X. 3.5/5. Good song, but lacks some intensity and the vocals could be better. This band’s original stuff is pretty damn good though. 4). Never Say Die – Megadeth. 3/5. This song rocks but Mustaine’s vocals sound mousy and I’ve never been a big Megadeth fan anyway. 5). Snowblind – System Of A Down. 5/5. This song is a great original sounding version of the Sabbath classic. I normally hate SOAD, but I must say they’ve turned in a great tune with this. 6). Electric Funeral – Pantera. 4.5/5. Great version, sounds very close to the original, but they could have thrown in a few more of their own twists. It’s Pantera though, so you know it’s got to be good. 7). N.I.B. – Ozzy with Primus. 4/5. This also sounds pretty close to the original and Les Claypool’s bass intro is great. 8). Hand of Doom – Slayer. 4.5/5. Great job on this one with Slayer adding their own sound to a tightly knit version of the original. 9). Under The Sun – Soulfly. 4/5. Really heavy and rocking, this sounds more like a Soulfly original than the lesser-known Sabbath cover that it is with Max Cavalera’s growling vocals. 10. Sabbra Cadabra – Hed(pe). 1/5. This song sounds so stupid I can’t really put it into words. There should not be any reggae/funk sounding stuff on this record and the singer sounds like he’s constipated. For a great version of this, check out Metallica’s take on it. 11). Into The Void – Monster Magnet. 3/5. This song really sounds awesome – when it finally starts. I’de give it a higher score, but the 2 minute intro, 30 second pause, and 1 minute long outro really annoy and fill up time on the cd for no apparent reason. 12). Iron Man (This Means War) – Busta Rhymes. 1.5/5. Once again, I’m not sure how this song got on here. It’s terrible and no one should have to hear this song disgraced by a rapper going on and on about his “ni**as” over and over again. I gave an extra half a point for Ozzy’s new chorus which is pretty cool. Overall, this cd is great. Buy it now, and forget about the last couple of tracks.

    Posted on January 22, 2010