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Nativity in Black, Vol. 2: A Tribute to Black Sabbath

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  • If a cd were able to turn grey due to heavy use like old records do, then my Nativity in Black I would be white by now. Needless to say, this follow-up was a MUST HAVE. This CD opens like it should, going for the jugular with a killer version of “Sweet Leaf” by Godsmack. Having heard these guys getting good airplay lately, I must admit that their album is next on my list.. the bud is lit! And we go right up to heaven with “Hole in the Sky” by Machine Head … they have been one of my favorite bands in the past several years, and they sure do an excellent job on this album … the mellow middle part of the track pleasantly surprised me. I had never heard of Static-X before, but their version of “Behind The Wall Of Sleep” sure puts them on the map .. Onto MegaDeth and “Never Say Die,” where Dave Mustaine breaks out the finger-licking good riffs like never before… System Of A Down is another unknown band to me, but thumbs up to their powerful version of “SnowBlind” .. Pantera and their “Electric Funeral” hardly need any additional comments … Anselmo is a Sabbath fan, that much is for sure .. excellent performance! To find Primus on this Tribute album was quite a surprise, and the vocals are even from the man himself, Ozzy Osbourne. Primus’ cover of “N.I.B.” reminded me of Les Claypool’s status as the cream of the bass players’ crop… Slayer gives a brilliant sound to a very suitable “Hand of Doom,” and Tom Araya actually sounds like he could turn into a singer someday … Ex-Sepultura outfit Soulfly makes the sun shine bright in “Under The Sun,” making you wish Max had never left Sepultura to begin with … The best part of the album concluded with those nine songs because the Hed(pe) version of “Sabbra Cadabra” sounds like a rapper who got stuck in a Led Zeppelin album, and you suddenly have flashbacks of listening to early Mr.Bungle songs … Monster Magnet’s “Into The Void” is a step in the right direction again, but since it’s the longest track on the album, it takes a while to shift into the right gear and go full speed ahead.. To finish up this Ode To Sabbath, we get another rap attempt (and WAY more successful) by Busta Rhymes doing “Iron Man” with some help from Ozzy again …Simply said, this album is worth every single dime for Sabbath fans and any hard-rock fan out there .. 30 years have gone by, and their music is STILL unmatched .. Black is their color .. And Sabbath is their name! Hail to the Kings Of Doom!

    Posted on January 22, 2010