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Natural Born Chaos

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  • Didn’t Soilwork just release ‘A Predator’s Portrait’? Seems like it, but now all of a sudden in 2002 we have the Devin Townsend produced ‘Natural Born Chaos’. And it is spectacular from start to finish, this band is easily the hottest running in the Gothenburg metal scene. Townsend must be given credit for adding that extra touch of melody on this album. On first listen, NBC will sound like an album that focuses way too hard on being catchy and not enough on that death metal brutality. But give it some time, and everything will blend together in a mass of metal perfection. I really can’t find any faults within this entire CD. Vocalist ‘Speed’ gives a full on aggressive assault in every song, and when the time comes to sing cleanly, he shines even greater. Opener “Follow the Hollow” is classic Soilwork. A very aggressive song that switches back and forth between clean and death vocals until we hit the amazing lead work that Soilwork has become known for. Next comes “As We Speak” which utilizes keyboards in a tremendous way. This is without a doubt my favorite song on the CD, extremely memorable. “The Bringer” uses some nice acoustic guitar at the beginning and is definitely the catchiest of all the songs (features another clever use of keyboards in the solo section). “No More Angels” shreds and rips its way through, a huge standout on this record. Closer, “Song of the Damned” ends this album perfectly with a catchy as all hell main riff and great vocals.I don’t know how the metal community will recieve this album. Soilwork has written an album full of catchy metal songs, and that usually is a bad thing for such an elitist fanbase. But let me say, these songs would never be accepted by the mass public and are still metal as can be. This is my favorite Soilwork album, and I’ve heard each one many times. Don’t miss out on the best album released so far in 2002. Highly recommended.

    Posted on January 7, 2010