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Natural Born Chaos

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  • Two bands known under the name of In Flames and Dark Tranquillity managed to give death-metal a more artistic dimension, bringing melodies into their songs, avoiding the monotonous sound of straight death, that make me sick to the point I wonder if these death-metal bands enjoy their own sound (I sometimes say to myself “I’m very sorry for these guys”).But Soilwork is not one of them. They are the younger brother of In Flames and Dark Tranquillity. The three bands are from Gothenburg, Sweden and their new melodic sound is now known as the Gothenburg style.But while In Flames are losing their talent with their latest releases (‘Clayman’ and ‘Reroute to Remain’), Soilwork has made progress. The growling vocals are not the best I’ve heard, but the combination between the power of Speed’s vocals and the softness of the chorus are made like in no other band.Please, don’t compare to Linkin Park or other mainstream horror. Have we heard the same album ? I wouldn’t even have the idea to mention this band to describe this. If you have never heard about Swedish metal bands, I think this isn’t for you. Anyway, one thing clearly needs to be said : this is ‘love it or hat it’ album.My ratings : Follow the hollow – A+ : great opener, nice intro, easy listenable, cool chorus.As we speak – A+ : slower song, but atmosperhic and full of inspiration.The flameout – A : harder song, more difficult to appreciate, but good chorus.Natural Born Chaos – B- : for me, this is the weak point, repetitive and slightly annoyingMindfields – B-: same problem.The Bringer – A+ : My favorite song. Little intro on guitar, nice chorus.Black Star Deceiver – A+ : nice dialogue between Speed and Devin (producer)Mercury Shadow – ANo more angels – ASoilworker’s song of the damned – ATo conclude, I’d say this is a great album. Soilwork has done some good innovation. But one default is that it’s overall repetitive, since it always uses the same combination (aggressive verses/cool chorus). But don’t let that fool you !

    Posted on January 7, 2010