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  • I’m just gonna do a simple track overview, which will tell all of what is needed to be told.Quarter-9/10 A great opener and a possible single for this album, really draws you into the dark.Down Inside of You-9/10 Another great rock anthem that contains a dark side that shows some new Fuel baby!Million Miles-9/10 I love this song, it starts so slow and Scallions puts a drawl on the lyrics to make it sound so awesome!Falls On Me-10/10 Obviously best song on CD, i mean thats why it was the first single.These Things-8/10 Brings back some flare from previous bands and really helps this record along and proves to be one of the better songs, maybe not at firt listen, but it catches on.Won’t Back Down-8/10 From Daredevil which makes it just totally nasty(in a good way) but I would give 9/10 but compared to others on this album it only deserves 8/10.Running Away-10/10 Awesome traditonal Fuel, and thats fine by me.Most of All-10/10 My favorite surprise single on the album that has to be the second best song easily.Getting Thru?-5/10 Only bad song, its kind ahard to get thru it.Die Like This-10/10 Third best song on the CD, yeah baby!Luck-9/10 I love the distroted voice, makes this rather subtle song obtain a real BANG!Days With You-9/10 Ballad all the way, bring it on, it comes to be probably the sixth best song on CD which is good for a CD full of awesome songs!This new CD by Fuel conquers all previous records and it really rcoks, I mena there is only one bad song on the whole CD and even then it isn’t as bad as half the songs that are out there we are forced to listen to.

    Posted on January 24, 2010