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Natural Selection

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  • The logic that so many people are using to bash this album……..well it frankly sucks. In fact logic really isn’t a good word for it. And since when do we use logic to judge music anyway? Music is art. Right?First of all….this is just really good, American rock n roll. So ya’ll can just get over it. I mean, cry me a freakin’ river. And then build a bridge and get a clue. I honestly wonder if half of you Fuel naysayers have even listened to the album before. Because your comments don’t line up with the copy of “Natural Selection” that I own. I bought mine from Wal-Mart…..not sure where you all got your copies from.Oh, and in case somebody missed it, i’ve been informed by one of the brilliant music critics on your favorite that the songs “Falls on Me” and “Won’t Back Down” sound exactly the same. WOW………and thats all i have to say about that. Those must not be the same songs that are on my copy of the CD.Anyway….to the music, which I have actually listened to several times. Imagine that! Song by song:1. Quarter (Good, hard rocker, real cool piano)2. Down Inside of You (Hmmm, don’t think the chorus is boring)3. Million Miles (Good stuff)4. Falls On Me (First single off the album, awesome song)5. These Things (Brooding, almost depressing, great guitar solo from Mr. Bell)6. Won’t Back Down (This is the first song I heard from this album, Fuel rocks out [hmmm.... don't know about the whole remix thing though])7. Running Away (Great lyrics to this song about an inner struggle that the songwriter’s having, awesome music, so what if it sounds a little 80s? Boo hoo people)8. Most of All (Simple musically, but very good nonetheless)9. Getting Thru (Good hard rock, but probably my least favorite on the album)10. Die Like This (I love this song, Brett sings his heart out, Carl Bell is just a darn good song writer)11. Luck (Cool, distorted voice thingy goin’ on, good song written by Mr. Scallions himself)12. Days With You (Good way to end the album)SO yeah, this is a good album. Plain and simple. Not a whole lot not to like here. Oh and one more thing: all you people who are saying this is not Fuel……if you don’t mind me asking, if its not Fuel, then who in the world is it?Ah yes, and for the ignorant character who seems to think the album cover looks like someone about to get their finger pulled…you might want to do some research on a guy by the name of Michelangelo. Good call!! My roomie here at college would like to use a line from the movie “Toy Story” to describe your utter ignorance: “You uncultured swine”

    Posted on January 24, 2010