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Never Say Never: Club Daze, Vol. 2

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  • This record really takes me back to the old days when Twisted … Sister was the best bar/club band in the country.Me and the boys used to see them whenever we could at “Speaks” in Island Park.(There is a picture of a “Speaks” flyer inside the CD, which is very cool and makes me think that some of this CD was actually recorded there…it doesnt say) They were so loud and just such an incredible live force that I still remember some of their shows like it was yesterday. This album is not for the average Twisted Sister fan…..this is for all the real S.M.F’s that remember Twisted from the old days before they made it big. The sound quality isnt great (but that is to be expected), but it really captures Twisted at their best…live and in a small club. As it says in the CD, “Sit back and enjoy the energy, which more than makes up for the sound quality”. And remember…..Play It Loud Mutha!!!

    Posted on January 25, 2010