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Never Surrender

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Digitally remastered reissue from the original masters with expanded artwork which includes new photos & liner notes. Beggars Banquet.

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  • NEVER SURRENDER is yet another great reissue of a Triumph CD. The remastering job is sterling, and the songs are all great, especially the cautionary “A World Of Fantasy”, which warns us that we’re better off sticking with the tried-and-true than hopping trends. I should know, because sticking with what was real when choosing music to buy at a store caused one of the clerks to call me “sweet pea” because she admired me for buying “real” music whereas so many people under 40 prefer rap and dance-pop. Overall, this CD, along with JUST A GAME, ALLIED FORCES, PROGRESSIONS OF POWER, and THUNDER SEVEN is part of the essential Triumph library.

    Posted on February 24, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Canadian power trio Triumph released their long awaited followup studio album to their 1981 Platinum seller Allied Forces entitled Never Surrender in the Spring of 1983.
    Many fans were wondering when first buying this album if the album would be either as good or better than its predecessor as the massive sales of Allied Forces made the band work hard to come up with a superb followup to their Allied Forces album.
    I go with the former as did many fans who helped push the album to #26 on the Billboard album chart and Gold status here in the States.
    Never Surrender picked up where its predecessor left off.
    The album features some of the band’s best tracks like singer/guitarist Rik Emmett’s massive hit single “A World of Fantasy” and the superb six and a half minute title cut.
    Singer/drummer Gil Moore’s best vocal performance on this album is on the hard rocker “When the Lights Go Down” which (at first) sounds like an acoustic blues song at first before rocking out.
    Other standouts are the opening “Too Much Thinking” (which had samples of the late great President Ronald Reagan at the intro of the track), the rock radio hit “All the Way” and of course Moore’s hard rocker “Battle Cry”.
    The three instrumentals (the classical guitar intro “A Minor Prelude”, the powerful second half starter “Overture (Procession)” and the closing electric guitar and classical guitar solo piece “Epilogue (Resolution)”) and the rocking “Writing on the Wall” are also great songs as well.
    Despite the success of Never Surrender, the band’s US label at the time RCA wrongly picked a fight with Triumph and the band fled the label after this album and signed to MCA which was run by Eagles manager Irving Azoff at the time and switched the ownership of the band’s music from RCA to MCA (Azoff paid RCA for the band’s master tapes and bought out the band’s RCA deal and he would eventually revert the rights of the band’s music over to Triumph) and then in 1995 to Triumph’s own label TRC (now known as TML whom re-mastered the album and re-released it in 2004).
    IMHO, rock bands should not be on RCA as they had tended to be cheated and mistreated (Styx, Triumph, The Kinks and David Bowie were all shafted by that label). Aside that bit, Never Surrender STILL ROCKS!
    Highly recommended!

    Posted on February 23, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Triumph’s Never Surerender is one of those sweet suprises that does not have a bad song all the way through and features three songs that rock right up there with anyone.

    The first song “Too Much Thinking”, just sizzles and gets you jacked up for the rest of the album.

    “World of Fantasy” rates with any classic rock song of the era IMO.

    “When the Lights Go Down” is another top hard rocking song.

    I’m surprised these guys don’t have more of a reputation cause all these songs are original, feature killer guitar work and loads of energy.

    Those are the standouts for me, along with a cool ,bluesy, instrumental at the end “Epilogue”, but every song is a good listen.

    This is a great album, you’ll be pleasantly suprised if you’re just discovering these guys and you enjoy Van Halen and other hard rocking, guitar centric bands of the era.

    Posted on February 23, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • I love this cd. This band should still be together. This cd has those less-known songs that didn’t get much play but nontheless are very good. This cd is more diverse than others inthat,it features the brilliancy of Emmett on acoustic. Only if Emmett rejoins, will Triumph be a band again. This is hard rocking. Subtly art – rocking and folk-classically influenced. Awesome !!!!

    Posted on February 23, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now
  • Triumph was one of the most energized rock bands ever. They had a stretch run of 6 albums that were just great from beginning to end…(no filler) Not too many classic rock-n-roll bands have done that. Probably also why they didn’t get too much radio play-they never knew what to release as a single. Always compared with Rush, as a Canadian power trio- their live shows were awesome.Rush had all the style-but Triumph might have been the better STRAIGHT AHEAD ROCK band. Never Surrender is possibly their best album- ? it’s a toss-up though between several.All the songs are great.. the best song from this is ‘Battle Cry,’ which has stylings reminiscent of Zeppelin and P.Floyd. Other classics would include ‘ordinary man’ ‘blinding light show,’ ‘Just a game,’ ‘Fight the good fight,’etc.. Triumph was a helluva good band.

    Posted on February 23, 2010 - Permalink - Buy Now