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Never Surrender

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  • Triumph was one of the most energized rock bands ever. They had a stretch run of 6 albums that were just great from beginning to end…(no filler) Not too many classic rock-n-roll bands have done that. Probably also why they didn’t get too much radio play-they never knew what to release as a single. Always compared with Rush, as a Canadian power trio- their live shows were awesome.Rush had all the style-but Triumph might have been the better STRAIGHT AHEAD ROCK band. Never Surrender is possibly their best album- ? it’s a toss-up though between several.All the songs are great.. the best song from this is ‘Battle Cry,’ which has stylings reminiscent of Zeppelin and P.Floyd. Other classics would include ‘ordinary man’ ‘blinding light show,’ ‘Just a game,’ ‘Fight the good fight,’etc.. Triumph was a helluva good band.

    Posted on February 23, 2010