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Never Surrender

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  • Triumph’s Never Surerender is one of those sweet suprises that does not have a bad song all the way through and features three songs that rock right up there with anyone.

    The first song “Too Much Thinking”, just sizzles and gets you jacked up for the rest of the album.

    “World of Fantasy” rates with any classic rock song of the era IMO.

    “When the Lights Go Down” is another top hard rocking song.

    I’m surprised these guys don’t have more of a reputation cause all these songs are original, feature killer guitar work and loads of energy.

    Those are the standouts for me, along with a cool ,bluesy, instrumental at the end “Epilogue”, but every song is a good listen.

    This is a great album, you’ll be pleasantly suprised if you’re just discovering these guys and you enjoy Van Halen and other hard rocking, guitar centric bands of the era.

    Posted on February 23, 2010