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Never Turn Your Back on a Friend

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  • The band truely found it here with what is usually considered their best album. The production was better, although the sound of Budgie never differed too much from record to record. Withstanding all that, the main reason this album is so popular is because of it’s bombastic opener Breadfan, which arugably along with other early jewels like Queen’s Stone Cold Crazy, Deep Purple’s Fireball, and UFOs Let It Roll was the first thrash song. Made famous by Metallica’s cover, this one is much better. The riff itself is worth the purchase. their cover of Baby Please Don’t Go, is pretty straightforward but highly entertaining, and appearing once more is their splash of folk squandering You Know I’ll Always Love You, although I feel their “folk” songs were better on Squawk. This isnt bad either, and lends way to two of Budgies best songs You’re The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk and In The Grip Of A Tyrefitters Hand, still keeping with their oddly amusing songtitles found on all the bands releases.These tracks offer some amazing guitar from riff master Tony Bourge who easily belongs up there with Iommi, Leslie West, Michael Schenker, and Frank Marino. Riding My Nightmare adds a more mystical prog/rock approach to the last taste of folk found here, a great little song by the way. Things wrap up with the ten minute Parents. Though this was never one of my fav Budgie songs, I appreciate it’s message and the musicianship and structure involved. It’s the bands most mature composition. No record collection go without having this one

    Posted on January 13, 2010